Welcome to the  campaign website reclaiming real bagels.

There are fake bagels  appearing in shops across the country. 

These imposters are rolls with holes and not the genuine, boiled and baked bagels we've all grown up with. The real bagel goes back  generations to our great-grandparents and links us back to hundreds of years of Jewish culture.

We've had fun posting 44 reverse graffiti* messages on the streets of North West London in Golders Green, Edgware, Temple Fortune and Radlett and we have the support of bagel bakeries who were giving us bagels as we spread the word. Now you can join the campaign.


What you can do:-

1. Support your local bagel bakeries that are making boiled and baked bagels.

2. Bagels could be protected by EU law so that only real boiled and baked bagels can be called bagels. Write to the European Commission now and demand that they protect real bagels.

3. Follow us on Twitter @reclaimthebagel    Follow Reclaimthebagel on Twitter

4. Spread the word...tell all your friend to Reclaim the Bagel and send this website link to your friends www.reclaimthebagel.org.uk and email info@reclaimthebagel.org

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Supporting Reclaim the Bagel:

 Board of Deputies Spokesperson:

“Whilst the

Board of Deputies does not endorse graffiti of any kind, the intriguing Reclai

m the Bagel campaign is sending a strong message of pride in Jewish food and culture. The Board of Deputies is pleased to say that we do enjoy eating real bagels."

Daniel's Bagel Bakery

"It's very exciting to see something like this and to find someone who's so passionate about bagels...Reclaim the Bagel."  


 The real bagel recipe dates back hundreds of years to our ancestors in Krakow, Poland who ate bagels as their staple food.

When the Jews came over to UK in the 19th Century they brought the bagel recipe with them to London's East End and we’ve been eating them the way our grandparents baked them ever since.




Reclaim the Bagel tip

Whether you choose poppy, sesame, plain or onion with egg, smoked salmon and cream cheese, tuna, marmite, cheddar or hummus, any filling or topping you like...it doesn't matter but make sure you have it on a REAL bagel.

*Reverse graffiti, also known as clean tagging, dust tagging, grime writing, green graffiti or clean advertising, is a method of creating temporary images on walls, pavements or other surfaces by removing dirt. The Reclaim the Bagel reverse graffiti was done by spraying the pavement with water at high pressure over a stencil to create an impression on the pavement by removing the dirt.

It was us...

WJR can reveal that we were behind the mysterious graffiti that appeared on         several North West London high streets urging the public to 'reclaim the bagel' and eat real bagels that have been boiled and baked.

The stunt was organised to raise awareness of WJR's June Big Bagel campaign, which asks people to get together and eat bagels whilst raising money for the charity's vital work overseas.

Shoppers in North West London were mystified when the bagel-themed graffiti appeared on pavements last week in Golders Green, Edgware, Temple Fortune and Radlett. The 'clean graffiti', created by removing dirt from the pavements, featured images of bagels and slogans such as 'love thy bagel' and 'bagels bite back'. The graffiti also encouraged viewers to visit a website, www.reclaimthebagel.org.uk, where a seemingly ardent bagel fan promoted the purchase of traditionally made boiled and baked bagels.

The Reclaim the Bagel YouTube video (www.youtube.com/reclaimthebagel) shows a campaigner spraying the graffiti on the street. The film has already been viewed by more than 500 people and many more have become involved with the campaign via social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.

Paul Stein, Director of Fundraising and Communications at WJR, said:
"The bagel graffiti and viral has really got people talking, helping us to raise awareness of our forthcoming Big Bagel campaign and the work of WJR. Funds raised from the many bagel events held around the country will help to make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people we support around the world."

The Big Bagel campaign has been running since 2009, and every year hundreds of people get together in homes, schools, offices and synagogues to raise money for WJR, generating over £125,000 since it was first launched. This year the focus is on Big Bagel month in June, though events can be organised by hosts at any convenient time throughout the year.

Now is the time to join more than 80 people who have already signed up all over the country to host a bagel themed event. Hosts will be sent a free fundraising pack containing everything needed to create a successful event; themed invitations, balloons, key rings, and suggestions for delicious bagel fillings from renowned chef Annabel Karmel.
For further information on how you can get involved in The Big Bagel 2011 and to register for your free fundraising guide please call 020 8736 1250 or visit www.wjr.org.uk/bigbagel.

There's still time to sign up to host a Big Bagel event this year.

Hosting a Big Bagel event is simple, fun and a great way of catching up with friends and family whilst raising dough for those desperately in need. How you host is up to you - you could choose to gather friends at home, round up colleagues at work, bring your local synagogue congregation together or create a buzz at your child's school.

We have had all sorts of events ranging from Big Bagel sponsored walks, mother and baby Big Bagels and a Big Bagel quiz, perhaps you can think of something extra special to do for 2011? Whether your event is a simple Sunday brunch or something with a twist - you will be making a difference.